Sunday, August 23, 2009

summer recap...part uno

Since it's been so long since I've posted, I decided to just upload whatever photos I had in my phone and see if that could capture the past month. It's actually quite telling. So here's the top 10 - broken into two parts so as not to bore anyone to death.

1 & 2: Dinner out with the KC girls at NoRTH. We surprised Al at her dress fitting, then had a night of wine & delicious food. The goat cheese, corn, asparagus & tomato pizza was bueno.
3: I can't believe I used to actually live in this place. On our last trip across the great state of Missouri, we stopped in CoMo for some lunch and I just had to see if the ol' Brown Apple was still standing. How is it that this place is still considered inhabitable for humans?

4: For some reason, I have no pictures from the 4th of July weekend at Carie & JP's lake house. Yet I managed to take one at a gas station on the way home because I was so amazed that this is actually a food offering now. Only in Missouri...
5 & 5.1: Adam's 10 year high school reunion...I told him the only way I would go is if he promised I could drink as much as I wanted and he wouldn't bitch about the cost. Luckily, JJ's wife Katie was equally excited to be there so I had a partner in crime. Needless to say, the night ended with an MJ dance party at Geno's 70s club and a 2:30 AM trip to Pancake City.
Part 2 cominmg soon...