Monday, August 11, 2008

but on a heavier note

I usually write on this thing to amuse myself, but the past few days have just been sort of gloomy. I know there are horrible tragedies each day, everywhere. Wars, genocide, terrorism, etc., but some just hit closer to home than others.
A very nice, young girl I work with lost her husband in a hiking accident last week and his service is today. He was an extremely talented chef in the KC area and well-loved by many. I never had the pleasure of meeting him personally, but could tell from his wife's continuously happy personality and the way she spoke of him and their young daughter that he must have been a pretty neat guy.

I simply cannot comprehend such a loss.

The office is quiet today, and for those of us who are not at the service, a gray cloud is looming overhead as a reminder of how quickly life can change.
I'm writing this as a reminder to myself to ensure every person in my life knows how much I treasure them. That it's no accident we're friends or family. And that I appreciate their place in my life and mine in theirs.

Please take time today to do the same.

And please keep the Torpey family in your thoughts in this unimaginably difficult time.


April & Tom said...

What a loss and a huge shock. That was very nice of you, Mo, to acknowledge your love of all your friends and family. I, like you, cannot comprehend that kind of loss. It makes you look at things much different. Thanks for the reminder.
Love you :)

Christen said...

Oh my gosh, Mo - that is just terrible. I will be thinking of them.

The Aguilars said...

So sad.