Thursday, March 6, 2008

makin' waves

Last night, boyfriend and I were lying in bed reminiscing about things from our childhood. He told me about stealing a spray-painted gold rock from the a Kirksville JC Penney display and showing his parents his treasure when they got in the car. Of course, he promptly had to return it and apologize.

But then I remembered something that was SO COOL...a part of my bedroom from the early 90's till the end of high school...MY WATERBED. Wow, I can't believe how much I wanted one. It was black with black/white/red jazzy sheets and throw pillows. Pretty bad ass, really.

Boyfriend had one too - only his headboard had cubbies for storing treasures (like gold spray-painted rocks, perhaps) and drawers underneath.

So I did a little research and by cracky, they still manufacture the darn things. Can you imagine how cool you would have been if you would have had this one?

sweet 80s waterbed


The Aguilars said...

oh so stylish but waterbeds make me sick. I don't know how people sleep on those!

Christen said...

This one looks like it belongs in a lounge/bar!

H-Train said...

That is SO RAD!!!

Only I have two cats and cats and waterbeds don't mix.