Friday, March 28, 2008

catching up on my reading

I had a little extra time this morning at work, so I decided to catch up on some blogs I hadn't had a chance to read in awhile. I think I could spend an entire day just reading blogs. Not kidding. Today I learned about all sorts of things, including a couple who met online and are getting married this weekend in California that had the freaking coolest wedding invitation.

I also read up on an old co-worker of mine. His posts usually just crack me up, but this one made me sick to my stomach...I just wonder when it will all end.

Twisted Jim's re-printed post below. Link to Twisted Jim's blog here.

Out Damned Spot Part VII

With over 4,000 Americans dead, I saw an NBC news repport that quoted Dick (I'm as evil as Karl Rove) Cheney as saying King Georgie "bears the burden of this war more than anyone." Really! Really, Dick?
If that's the case, maybe he should be a true Commander and Chief and stand on the front lines with the troops he so nonchalantly kills every day. Then, he may truly understand the burden of his war. It's insane that one man with so little sense is allowed to slaughter so many. And we continue to sit idly by (me included). Thanks for the tax incentive, though. It really pacifies me.

And now, the numbers:

American Casualties- 8,647
In Iraq (Military) - 4,001
In Iraq (Civilians) - 1,188
In Afghanistan (Military) - 484
During 9/11 - 2,974

Coalition Casualties - 307
Australia - 2
UK - 175
Bulgaria - 13
Czech - 1
Denmark - 7
Netherlands - 2
Estonia - 2
Fiji - 1
Hungary - 1
Italy - 33
Kazakhstan - 1
Korea - 1
Latvia - 3
Poland - 22
Romania - 3
El Salvador - 5
Slovakia - 4
Spain - 11
Thailand - 2
Ukraine - 18

Iraqi Casualties - 1,193,480

Twisted Wife thinks these numbers are inflated to get me more fired up about an unjust and treasonous war started by an inept President. She's probably right.I said it before, I support the troops. I'd like to see a whole lot less of them coming home in body bags.
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