Monday, April 7, 2008

A case of the mundays....

Yep, that's what I've got. In a big way.

Have you ever been driving along, possibly lost in thought or just singing along to some tunes, then snapped back to reality and realized, "holy crap, I'm DRIVING!" And truly, you're in no way able to remember the last few minutes of your trip? It's scary that we're on such autopilot sometimes.

So there I was this morning, driving to work. Moody Blues came on, so I turned it up and got lost in thought. They remind me of our friends JJ & Katie. JJ lost his dad last year, just a couple of weeks before his first little one was born. JJ's dad was a Moody Blues guy so that was the music at his memorial service, which I personally think is the way it should be - the music that would be a tribute to the deceased.

I often wonder why people choose the music they do at funerals. I wonder if it's because their survivors don't really know what to pick - maybe they weren't left with any direction or maybe they just pick what they think is appropriate, traditional standards and what not.

I made a funeral song list once in college. It's in one of my journals, so I'll have to dig it out and see how accurate it would be today. I imagine it had way too much Dave Matthews and Grateful Dead for my taste these days.

But, back to this morning. Autopilot had fully kicked in and it took a few moments before I even noticed the damn cop. At least he was nice enough to knock the 15 over down to a 5 over. Bless his heart.

So there you have it, a case of the mundays...

I think I'll post a fun game here shortly. Get excited.

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The Veo's said...

Oh, NO!! That's the worst....but I totally know what you mean about driving but not even remembering the trip. It's kinda like when you read and then realize that you don't remember any of what you just read. Make sense?