Thursday, April 10, 2008

give a hoot

I forgot to write about this the other day, but I just remembered it and it made me all pissed off again, so here we go.

I was driving to work on Rockhill road right around 63rd street and was behind a white mustang. Next thing I know, the driver rolls down their window and throws out a large Taco Bell cup full of liquid that proceeds to bust open on the road spilling everywhere. Now I'm not the neatest and tidiest person in the world, but I can certainly appreciate not wanting a cup of liquid in my car if I'm done with it. But throwing the ENTIRE thing out the window? REALLY? I didn't even know littering was an option for people anymore.

I was so shocked and appalled that my first thought was to follow this jackass, and when they stopped, tell them they dropped something. Yeah! That'll show 'em.

As I'm whizzing through traffic to tail them (mind you, getting further and further off of my route to work) I finally realized I couldn't even see through the tinted windows. Were they male or female? Alone or with passengers? It didn't matter, I was going to show them!

After a few more blocks, they started venturing into a pretty rough part of town. It was only then that I realized how futile this effort truly was. Chasing this one car down and making my point isn't going to make a difference in the grand scheme of things. Sure, it could have been beneficial - it could have lead to one less litterbug out there. But then again, I could've gotten shot.

If only I would have had Woodsy with me riding shotgun.


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The Veo's said...

That would piss me off, too! I'm like you....I don't like trash in my car but I'm certainly not going to throw a cup out the window. The liquid in the cup, sure. But not the whole damn thing. What idiots. It's sad that people don't give any more thought to the planet than that. Whatev.