Tuesday, September 9, 2008

travel tip #237

Don't check your luggage.

I travel a lot. Not just a little. A butt load. So I never think twice about checking luggage - it's just the thing to do when you're traveling for multiple days and need more than 3 oz of liquid toiletries.
But, alas, I will not be checking bags for awhile. Or at least until I'm done being pissed at Southwest Airlines.

No, our bag wasn't just accidentally sent to the wrong city. It was flat out lost (or as we think, stolen). Southwest's security at the Vegas airport is so shoddy, anyone can walk in off the street and have free pick of whatever luggage they'd like as it comes of the carousel. It's great.

And what did they offer us? $50 reimbursement in case we, "needed to buy a swimsuit or something." Really? How about underwear or socks or deodorant? A-holes. We had to wait 5 days before we could actually claim our bag as completely lost. So that was yesterday and I'm sure we'll trek up to KCI sometime this week to make our claim.

Oh...and get this, they won't reimburse us for our prescription eyeglasses or medication. Because, "that's why we allow you a carry-on ma'am. You should never pack those things in a checked bag." Glad the airlines now get to decide how we pack. And they'll likely determine the "worth" of all our items...so my brand new tennis shoes will be "depreciated" in their eyes to about 1/4 of what I paid for them.

I fly Southwest all the time - it's always been a great airline. But this time they showed nothing but poor customer service. Not even so much as an apology or a voucher for a flight. Nothing. Just the $50 reimbursement of the approximately $400 we had to spend of our vacation money on a rental car, clean clothes and toiletries.

Other than not having luggage, Vegas was OK. I didn't lose any money - actually came out ahead on the gambling portion thanks to my new fave game Pai Gow. Boyfriend did not come out ahead. So needless to say he is in no hurry to go back.

So now it's back to work and school. La di da. Hope you all had a good weekend and I promise I'll be more upbeat on my next rant :)


Christen said...

I don't blame you for being peeeeed. How frustrating!

April and Tom said...

There is nothing more frustrating than when an airline rips you off and then takes ZERO responsibility. Ugh.
Glad you came out ahead in Vegas, though!

The Aguilars said...

I can't believe that. When an airline opened a pocket on my suitcase and didn't close it, I lost my glasses and phone charger and they reimbursed me. I'm sure you'll write a letter of compaint. I've done it twice and gotten vouchers/money out of it...what a bummer to start your trip that way. Glad you came out ahead in the games though.