Tuesday, October 14, 2008

no more sleeping outside for awhile

We had quite an eventful weekend - we camped at Graham Cave State Park with about 20 people for Oktoberfest in Hermann, MO. I'd never been before and it was really fun. The tiny town full of wineries, bars and a brewery hosts people from all over the state (and probably further) each weekend in October. The group we went with has been going for many years, so we were just along for the ride. I did not grow up camping. My family's idea of camping was the Holiday Inn. But I've enjoyed it every time I've been recently and continue to find new and fun ways to "rough it." For this trip, Katie turned us onto a great method of camp-style breakfast and they were deeeee-lish.

Our shuttle picked us up at 9:30 Saturday morning, and by 10:15 I was drinking my first sip of Germantown white. Followed by another bottle of the same, a bottle of some ghastly red that tasted like it came from a kool-aid pitcher, and a bottle of Sweet Caroline (which turned out to be pink...ugh). Let's just say we were all ready to go by 5:30 when our shuttle drug us back to the campsite.

I had scored MU/OSU tickets at work on Friday, so Adam and I decided to drive to Columbia for the game at around 6(yeah, probably not the best decision). But I had caught my second wind so I was all for it. Around the 3rd quarter we realized the outcome would likely not be favorable (and we were tired of sitting in a pit of OSU fans) so we went back to camp.

Around 6 that morning, Adam woke me up, covered in hives. Crazily enough, it turned out he'd been bitten by a caterpillar of sorts, then rolled over on it in his sleep and whatever the bug had eaten (green and gooey) was something Adam was allergic to. His entire left side looked sort of like this. So, we had some fun at Urgent Care. One shot, a dose pack and some Bactrim in later, we're glad to be home.


Christen said...

Oh my goodness. Good plan but sorry it didn't end up the best!

The Aguilars said...

The camping part sounded fun minus the hives. I'm still having a hard time picturing you camping though....