Wednesday, June 25, 2008

nyc day 1 - friday

We got in around 7 and did the whole $30 cab ride from Queens to the city.

Our hotel was in Murray Hill and was a fantastic deal. I'd recommend it to anyone who can't afford $300+ per night for a vacation.

We headed to the Lower East Side for a drink at Satsko before dinner at Apizz. I tried a saketini made with lychee and pomegranate juice and...yep, I still don't like sake. Or lychee.

Dinner was AWESOME. Their bread was served with fresh ricotta and tomato sauce instead of butter. YUM. Adam tried wild boar lasagna and I had gnocchi. D-lish.

After that we walked around the LES, then went over to Emily's apartment in the West Village. It was such a neat place...wish I had taken a picture. They have an actual patio - with room for tables, chairs, grills, etc. For those of you who understand Manhattan living, you get how uncommon that is. Another friend from school, Anne, was there, along with Emily's boyfriend, Gurion, her sister and sister's friend. Around 3 AM we realized a big day was upon us so we should probably call it a night.
Saturday details coming soon!


April & Tom said...

Looks like a great trip so far....can't wait to hear about the rest! So fun that you got to see Emily and Anne!!

Christen said...

I am already so envious! I'm sure you had an awesome weekend from start to finish - can't wait to read the rest!