Tuesday, June 3, 2008

sex in my city

It was definitely my favorite show back in the day...
Sex and the City Banner

Saturday night, 12 friends from work went to see the movie. Never in my life have I felt underdressed for a movie. But yeah, I was underdressed.
I saw everytihng from cocktail dresses to sequined jackets. No lie.
Heels so high my calves cramped just looking at them.

Next time I'll go for the matinee.


April & Tom said...

Funny. I went to a matinee.
Personally, I LOVED it. Was kind of sad at parts, but I laughed as much as I cried.
Did you like it?

The Aguilars said...

oooh that reminds me of our marathon SATC we used to watch in the brown apple. We would watch like 12 episodes! I can't believe girls got so dolled up for a movie- I bet they were going out for cosmos afterwards. Wish I could have gone w/ you (for old time's sake).

Monique said...

I definitely loved it. Brought back lots of memeories. :)