Wednesday, July 2, 2008

nyc - day 2

So...I got a little off schedule posting on the trip. Oops. Here's a quick recap of our Saturday in NYC.
A little background - as I was driving to work a few weeks ago listeing to my Sirius radio, I heard that one of our favorite musicians, Alejandro Escovedo, was going to be performing in NYC the same weekend we were there. He was doing Conan, the Today show, etc., but also doing a live private performance in the Sirius studios for 10 people and their guests. I figured we had no shot at winning but I signed us up anyway, and low and behold, we were one of the 10 picked! Whoohoo! So the first picture shows the 2 hour performance we got to see of Alejandro doing his entire new album live for us.

Sirius rocks - they're located on the 36th floor of a huge building in the Rockefeller Center area. The lobby walls are covered in plexiglass where all the performers sign when they visit. I found my favorite boys and snapped a pic.

Next we did Grand Central Station and had cheesecake at Junior's (yum!) and saw a dude propose in the grand hall area. It was adorable.

Later in the afternoon we did the obligatory Central Park carriage ride, which SUCKED. $40 for what we were told would be 20 minutes. It was more like 8. The guy took our picture afterward, and I didn't realize until just now what my finger was doing. Unintentional but so appropriate!

The rest of Saturday coming soon.

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Heather said...

I'm lusting for that cheesecake...