Monday, July 28, 2008

weekend stuff

Not too much excitement in kc this weekend. It was hot as hades so most of what we did was in the comfort of the AC. Friday night boyfriend decided we needed to make up frozen concoctions in the blender using random juices and liquors so we had our own little Frozen Friday. Just like the good ol' days in CoMo at McNally's. I enjoyed my vodka-mango-pineapple surprise while finishing up the rest of Season 1 of Arrested Development, quite possibly the funniest show ever created.

Saturday was pretend to be a yuppie day. Lunch with my mom at Aixois, errands and a taste of the new Vivanno at Starbucks. That white bread fun didn't last for long though...boyfriend and I went to see one of my favorite live acts in KC, "Steve & Tracey" at a bar called Patrick's (formerly DeAngelo's) up the road from our casa. This husband & wife duo used to play every Thursday night for 8 years but called it quits recently to my dismay. But now they're back the last Saturday of every month doing their renditions of songs you miss and those you wish you'd never hear again from the 70s and 80s. Here's Tracey singing on the bar (poor quality from the ol' cell).
Yesterday I had brunch with some of my friends from college. Rachel is in her final week of pregnancy, so we decided we needed one last hurrah complete with Avenues Bistro and pedicures. Yum-my.

So here we are, another week, though not much to look forward to with this one. Last week we saw Tom Petty & Steve Winwood so that was a nice little break. But this week, not so much. Maybe we'll catch Dark Night some evening. Have heard nothing but good things so I'm extra excited to see it.

Hope everyone has a good week. More excitement to come as it happens...


The Aguilars said...

oh my gosh is that the DeAngelos? Weird.

I miss McNally's.What I wouldn't give for a frozen delight from there right now!

Christen said...

Sounds like fun stuff to me! And yes, you must catch Dark Knight.