Thursday, July 10, 2008

nyc - night 2 (saturday)

Boy, I'm really behind once again. Dinner Saturday night was d-lish. We went to a place called Artisanal that was famous for its cheese. It even had its own cheese cave. I heart cheese. We did a cheese flight with wine pairings, which was really nice becuase we each did different ones so we could try the maximum amount of cheese.
Then we had a traditional fondue (mmm) and split steak frites (double mmm). Oh and I made a total ass out of myself when I ordered a glass of wine with dinner and said the number (b/c I couldn't pronounce the name) and was told, "ma'm, that's the price." Oops. I was drunk, give me a break. So I had told the reservations person that it was Adam's b-day but I guess they got it wrong b/c the little dessert deal came out with my name. Ha.
After dinner we did the Village and went to the Comedy Cellar for a 12:45 AM show. Good lordy. Needless to say I was ready to crash once that was done.

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