Friday, October 12, 2007

Fun Friday!

Yep, the Pancho's run was all I could have dreamed it to be...L&B suggested the Texano burrito...dark chicken meat, sour cream and potatoes all rolled up in a tasty tortilla. It couldn't have been any yummier.

We also tried the cheese enchiladas, which were kick-ass.

In other news, thank the lord it's freakin' Friday. I am all about being ready for the weekend. Tonight my friend, Shelley and I will be heading to the Uptown Theater for the Jethro Tull show. We will probalby be the youngest people there, but what the hell ever. I'm stoked.

Tomorrow my friend Kristy is showing her gorgeous pup Lt. Dan in Lawrence, so I'm going to go cheer her on.

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