Monday, October 1, 2007

The virgin post

Well, here it is...the first post. I've done the myspace and facebook thing, but decided to go a step further. I know, late bloomer, whatever. With so much amazing information out there already, I'm sure I won't bring much new to the proverbial table, but so be it.

Easiest topic for now is, of course, the weekend. Mine was too per the usual. Friday night was the standard for the bf and me, poker at our favorite dive bar with the regular gang. Saturday was filled with bachelorette party preparations for the little sister of my dearest pal, Lesley.

It's weird to see a "little sister" get married, especially when you're older than her and still sans ring. The theme was Lingere Fiesta! so food preparation was fun and easy. However, the game/gift situation called for a trip to some of KC's finer adult establishments. Umm, yeah. So there's this new place on 39th called Wink...what a trip. I had heard of this place via Kristy who works at the Barkery (best place ever to wash your doggie!). Long story short, Kristy was ringing up Wink's owner, Elizabeth Rich, who told her and oops, everyone (employees, customers, dogs, you name it) that she was opening her new vibrator store the next day. Haha. So, of course, curiosity killed this cat and Lesley and I made the trek to see what this Wink stuff was all about.

It's definitely not your average run-of-the-mill smut shop...nope, this place is for the sexual elite. Items made of hand-blown glass, high-end candles for "wax play," and much, much more. It's not a big place, but definitely has the "quality over quantity" factor going for it. I settled on some chocolate body paint, which we were given a sample of by the very helpful staff. Yep, it pretty much tasted like something you'd want on your ice cream. Complete with a little paint brush, I thought it a very tasteful gift for a bride-to-be.

Guests seemed to enjoy our food and games, including a pinata chocked full of items like flavored lube and candy. Little Sister's step-mom arranged for a limo to pick up the crew for a trip to Missie B's...have you been there? If not, you're missing out and you must add it to your agenda. This place was so much fun, and the perfect place for a bachelorette party. I'll definitely be adding pictures once I get them from guests. Yeah, I'm not the camera-toting type.

There was a great drag show, called the Flo Show (for it's host, er, hostess) and Little Sister was dragged on stage. She was, of course, berated by the Queen, called many names and teased for her fiance's name & occupation being borderline homosexual. Little Sister is very tall and thin, so my personal favorite line of the night was, "somebody get this bitch a biscuit!" Hehe.She handled it well, bless her little heart.

There was a "prop" we brought for the evening that got quite a reaction around the club. Situated in the middle of our table was a ring toss game (I'll leave the "pole" part to the imagination) and boy was it a hit. Security guard Don took a few turns, then whispered in my ear, "you're lucky no one's come and sat down on that thing yet!") Yep, that right there summed up the night.

Sunday (which should definitely be a day of recovery in my book) started far too early, with bf and I heading to the Kansas Speedway for a day of volunteer work. BF and I were bartenders for 7 hours at the Turn One Club, 1 of 2 full-service bars at the entire track. Dear God. There are no fans like NASCAR fans.

So now it's Monday, I'm back at work and it's time to sign off. We'll see if this whole blogging thing works out.

Hasta la vista!

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