Monday, October 15, 2007

A case of the Mundays

Weekends have become such a coveted time these days. I can remember a time when weekends didn't seem much different from any other day, especially when I was much younger. I remember thinking my parents were such lame-os because by the time 5 PM on Friday rolled around, they just "wanted to relax for pete's sake." Yeah, now I get it.

I think the best part of the weekends now is the ability to sleep in, which I've been told to cherish b/c it goes away once children enter the picture. I think between 1 am Saturday and 7 last night, I managed to sleep at least 15 hours. Glorious.

I just got back from lunch and a trip to Bob Jones with some co-workers. Nothing like a trip to shoe heaven to make a person feel poor. While my friends walked away with at least a pair each, I came to the sad realization that at trip to Target and TJ Maxx were on the horizon for any new fall kicks for me.

Boyfriend and I watched Black Snake Moan last night - not too bad. Pretty sure he was just happy to see Christina Ricci in nothing but underwear for 2 hours.

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that is awesome