Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Hump day Dump day

It's Wednesday all right...half-way through the work week and a few days closer to seeing some dear friends from all over the country back at our alma mater this weekend.

Saturday's game against the Big Red from Nebraska will be a fun one, no doubt. But it's not the game we enjoy the most, it's simply getting together the way we used to be able to do any time we wanted. I'm sure I'm not the only one who took those great college years for was difficult at that point in life to realize those people weren't going to be around forever.

This weekend's visit will surely include Black & Gold, Harpo's and many others. We tend to shy away from the"new bars" in CoMo...too many way-too-short denim skirts for our group.

Last night was the Ryan Adams concert - phenomenal. This was my first time getting to see him live after being a "follower" for about 3 years. He is one of the few artists who sounds just as good live as on CD, if not better. His latest CD, Easy Tiger, is damn good. Saw friends Rachel & Nick there - they're cool music people and fun to be around. It's nice to find friends who appreciate similar music.

Had lunch with pal Kristy at our favorite Boulevard Mexican joint, Taqueria Mexico...we both like cheese so much that we just call it "meeting for cheese." Sweet. She gave me this really cool keychain made by Lupine which is a company that makes pet collars - they claim your pet won't chew through them or they'll replace it. They haven't met Chopper. Sure, he looks innocent enough....

20/20 is in our office today filming for a piece they're doing called Office Envy. We've got pool, ping pong, shuffleboard, free beer, free ice cream, a kick-ass rooftop deck with wifi and many other cool things. While I'm grateful for these perks, it's a little weird b/c I'm pretty much immune to them. That makes me feel unappreciative, which isn't true, but it does make me take a step back and think about other things I should be thankful for... like 2 functioning arms, legs, eyes, ears, etc., or a loving family and great groups of friends. Yeah, that's the good stuff.

OK, enough for today. Tonight is sure to hold some sort of fun...Poker at the Village. Good times.


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